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The Youth Services Council of Routt County was created in 1999 and was the first step towards bringing together interested community members representing agencies, organizations, youth, and consumers to discuss and implement a model of collaboration of services among youth-serving agencies serving ages 8 to 18.  In 2002, the Routt County Human Resources Coalition implemented the “Family and Adolescent Resources” Council and “FAR” guide in order to promote integration and collaboration among organizations to provide comprehensive services to Routt County youth and their families.   The ideas have been present, the values deemed worthy.  Still, community members saw potential for an even greater outreach to youth and family in Routt County.
In 2009, youth-serving agencies in Routt County reunited as the Routt County Youth Services Coalition (RCYSC) to carry forward the primary goals and missions of previous attempts at the development of a youth services coalition.   The ultimate goals of RCYSC today are to provide integrated and comprehensive services to all youth/young adults throughout Routt County; to unify our voices through shared accomplishments, goals, and visions; and to provide greater public awareness of the importance and impact of not-for-profit organizations to the overall vitality of our communities.

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